From This to That: Barely

From this:

To that:

iPhone 6 + iColorama + Snapseed + Phonto

 I sometimes hear people complain that they don't take pictures because they don't live near anything "picture-worthy". I say you can make great images almost anywhere. You just have to see the everyday a bit differently. 

I shot this image while waiting in the drive through at at Taco Bell (don't judge me). What caught my eye was how the light was hitting the bare branches of the tree. The dramatic sky at dusk was a bonus.

After applying "Coherence" in iColorama, I tweaked the image in Snapseed and then back to iColorama to add "LUTS" for a warmer, richer color. While adding my signature in Phonto, I used the "Highlight" filter to brighten the shadows a bit.

The final image your viewers see is usually far removed from its original context. If I hadn't of mentioned my not so great choice for a bite to eat that evening, no one would have know that this was shot while waiting in a drive through in a somewhat urban setting. 

Shoot what is around you. You will be surprised what you can create from the everyday. 


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