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Sunday Drive: The Last Stop

  The Last Stop Panasonic GX85 + Snapseed + iColorama +  Phonto    I have been secretly stalking this vintage bus for several years. It has been parked on the property of a local transportation company but I wasn’t up for trespassing to get a shot.    I went to visit this bus a few weeks ago, still in the same spot but now behind other buses so I opted to shoot some other not as old buses on a more public lot.    As I am shooting, a younger guy in a bright orange Ford truck from the 40's rolls up and asks what I was doing. I mentioned the black and white bus parked on the other lot. Turns out he is the owner of the transport company and gave me permission to shoot this beauty.   It was my lucky day. While this bus was wedged in between a building and another vintage bus, surrounded by spare wheels and other junk, I finally got close to her, took my shots and went home happy. Available as a poster print  here

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