Tuned In

Tuned In
Tuned In by second_glances
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I have been fascinated lately with vintage radio dials, sneaking in images of them here and there at the local flea markets. Last week I spotted this gem sitting by the curb outside an empty business on my street. I mentioned my discovery to my husband who didn't seem too interested in going to take a look at it but came home with it after running an errand the very next day. 

I couldn't believe it was still there and no one had scooped it up.

While it's in pretty rough shape and in need of lots of tlc, I am in absolute love with its 1930's lines and stylized dial. Even if we never restore it, there is a spot waiting in my living room for it and I can see myself taking many more pictures like the one above

I'm fine with it just the way it is.


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