Two-Tone Week: Post #3

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Another two-tone Fairlane, slightly over processed.

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Anonymous said…
The old Ford Fairlane really was a piece of historic art. The amount of chrome embellishing this car and bumper was just short of amazing adding to its overall tonnage. Looking at your photographic account brings back sweet memories of this car as a kid. Yes, even the dash board accents like knobs, radio and gauges are all sparking chrome plated. Even the window handles were chromed as well as the spacey steering wheel ring. The body was finned and magnificently chromed, in a hot two tone color scheme. This car was a thing of beauty marking the sixties excesses and a love of bigger and bigger fins as car art . I grew up in a household with a sturdy, magnificently chromed two tone 1954 cream Ford Victoria with a baby blue top. The interior was cream colored leather upholstery, baby blue carpeting and dash .We later owed a Fairlane that looked much the same as your wonderful photo art. Thanks for the memories.

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