While trying to figure out some fun, free things to do on our vacation, my best friend Mickey mentioned some historic carousels that are actually not too far from here. I told her that they were on my "wish list" meaning places and things that I would love to go and photograph if money or free time weren't an issue. Unfortunately, in my world, these things are always an issue so just for fun I'm throwing out my "wish list" of places and things that I would love to shoot and hopefully some day will.
  1. The Tuscora park carousel in Bolivar, Ohio
  2. The Mansfield Carousel in Mansfield, Ohio
  3. The Carousel Museum in Sandusky, Ohio
  4. All San Francisco Bay Area Carousels
  5. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk ( I know, it's part of the Bay Area )
  6. The Santa Monica Pier
  7. The Southern California Car Kulture
  8. Doo Wop hotels and motels of New Jersey
  9. Drive historic Rt 66 to California
  10. Drive historic Lincoln Highway back home from California
Someday. Hopefully soon.


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