Oh flickr, how I've missed you so

I read somewhere several years ago that it was a good idea for photographers to post their images on flickr because photo buyers browsed the photo sharing site to find images to meet their needs. Well I posted my first image about three years ago and many more after that. Flickr became too much of an indulgence to me though. There are so many great images on there that I spent most of my time uploading my stuff and looking and commenting on other peoples stuff. I slowly weened myself off of flickr and then kind of gave it up all together...until this week when I got an e-mail about the above image. The Joffrey Ballet in Chicago http://www.joffreyballet.org/ will be using this image for promotional purposes in their upcoming spring production. I'm floored that they picked my image over all of the other great images on that site. So I'm kind of looking at flickr a bit differently now, adding more of my images, trying to keep it strictly business.


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