These two images are from the Lincoln Highway Wheels Weekend in Minerva. I almost totally passed on shooting this car because it is the exact opposite of what I normally would shoot. It's rusty and crusty but in a cool sort of way. After editing the images, I discovered that it belongs to the Voodoo Kings Kustom Car Club which seems to have it's own culture. I'm not sure how to describe it but the term "rockabilly" seems to come to mind. I wish I had shot more of it.


Kristina Wright said…
Glad to see you're back-- love the new pictures!

FYI-- I used the town of Minerva in a novella I have coming out in November. I made it Minerva, Virginia, but I got the Minerva from you. :) Thanks!
Joanne Mariol said…
Wow, you really do like the name Minerva! Congrats on the novella.

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