Things I learned this year

Friends never let a pocket full of Tootsie Rolls go empty

It's OK to wear a tank top in public

Dig deep because you may find treasure in a box of junk

Deep fried Oreos aren't as disgusting as they sound

Flash only strangers, not your co-workers

Always carry hand sanitizer

Even if you are 1200 miles apart, never let on that your toenails aren't polished. You will never hear the flippin' end of it if you do

Boys can keep their boy-cut underwear

Dumpster diving isn't half bad when you don't actually have to climb into the dumpster

It's the blue stuff that turns an ordinary port-a potty into the Cadillac of port-a-potties

Even though having wet underwear plastered to your ass is quite uncomfortable, I can't wait for it to happen again next year

Drinking a giant smoothie on a three hour road trip - not such a good idea. Drinking a 20 oz Pepsi on the way home - an absolute must

A wet t-shirt contest can break out at any moment at a high school football game

Never regret the time that you didn't have with a friend. Appreciate what you have now because over time it will feel like it was always that way

A ten foot tall personality comes packaged in a colorful 4' 11'' frame

Never look back on the shell that you just stepped out of


Anonymous said…
All good lessons... especially the last one.

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