Pretty Picture: Week 6

I know that I missed a couple weeks of posting pictures but I'm trying to get myself back on track in many different ways.

I thought that I would keep up the bare tree theme with this image that was taken four years ago today with my first digital camera. This tree is in the cemetary just beyond my back fence.

Quite a view from my kitchen window.


Anonymous said…
It is almost February. You are many pretty pictures behind. I hope this means you are wildly busy doing what you love!
Anonymous said…
Seriously, I need a pretty picture. Need it.

Hope all is well.
Susan said…
Bare trees against such beautiful skies. I love these pictures! You and Kris could always come back to South Florida, it,s downright hot this week (that's right, in February, yuck muggy too!). The weatherman has promised me a cool 2 days, in 2 more days, hope so. susan

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