Storm Clouds and deep fried Oreos

I went to my first county fair of the summer yesterday in Carrollton. While Mick warned me that it was small, it had some unique photo opportunities with the help of mother nature. Scary looking storm clouds hung overhead providing a different kind of backdrop for my images. I'm kind of liking this ominous look.

A thank you goes out to Jake who turned us on to deep fried Oreos. I know, just the thought made my stomach turn a little but they weren't half bad. Mick and I both shot blackmail photos of each other eating them. I'm sure that I will find mine on display in her office when I return to work on Monday.

Hmmm...I wonder if you can deep fry a Tootsie Roll?


Anonymous said…
You can get deep fried anything these days. If they can deep fry Oreos, Twinkies and Coca-Cola (I haven't seen the phenomena, but I've heard such a thing exists), then why not Tootsie Rolls?

Love the new images!
Joanne Mariol said…
Coca-Cola?! Well, I guess you have to "wash down" the Twinkie with something, right?

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